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 > December 2021 

Deck the Halls……….

The speed with which Christmas arrives each year never ceases to astonish me. The Christmas season is my favourite time to decorate. Decorating puts me in a cheerful and sentimental mood. Whether you enjoy decorating or would prefer not, here are some festive decoration ideas for your home.

Begin with the exterior of your home. We often overlook this aspect since we are focused on the inside. When people come to your house, the first thing they notice is your door, so make a nice first impression. Decorate the front of the house with two little Christmas trees that’s if there is enough room. Pre-lit ones are easier to manage. These outside trees are quite appealing and can be viewed from the road. Some, love to further decorate and really get into the festive mood with lavish Christmas themes including visiting the “North Pole” or taking a walk through a “Winter Wonderland”.

Invite your guests in with a welcome mat. You probably haven't given it much thought, but now is the time. A huge one with snowflakes, seasonal flowers, or other festive embellishments is a good choice. Welcome mats with "Merry Christmas" written on them, are joyful.

Step inside. Houses with entryways are ideal places to decorate. A illuminated Christmas tree can be placed in a large doorway. This tree would be used for both adornment and entertainment. The primary family tree can be displayed in a different location, such as the living room.

Hang fabric banners on the entry way walls if an extra Christmas tree is too much labour. Allow the youngsters to make felt Christmas shapes and attach them on the banners. Glittering the shapes and the banner adds to the overall appearance. Banners can even be put on decorative poles that can be used for various year-round wall hangings.

Changing the colour scheme of your Christmas table may be as simple as purchasing a new rug and investing in linens in red, green, gold, and silver. Get creative, create snowflakes or winter sceneries on your kitchen tops and cupboard doors. Washable pens are reasonably priced, and a little creative magic in small amounts go a long way. A line of lights should be strung around the mirrors. This may also be used as a night light for both children and adults.

Don't forget about the bedrooms. If you don't want to buy new bed linens, use seasonal bed coverings or quilts instead. Spreads are less costly and may be just as warm as comforters. If you're a quilter, you can make your own with the design you've always wanted for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Take them out around the holidays and keep them on your bed for the rest of the winter. Get you and your family in the mood in the days leading up to Christmas and purchase matching pyjamas for the whole family.

Food Crafts - What could be more adorable than a child-made craft? Cooking/baking is something that most children like doing. They want to assist you when you're preparing cookies or cakes. No, I'm not talking about licking the batter dish. Put on a kid-sized apron, grab a stool, and get ready for some quality time with the family. You can never have too many edible crafts because they are popular with family members alike.

Here are some craft ideas that your children may help you make.

Many bakers build gingerbread homes over Christmas.

 Alternatively, you can buy a build a gingerbread home kit. Some kids will need help putting the parts together, but they can decorate the home with frosting, and sweets.

Create edible decorations as an alternative. Once the biscuits are baked, punch a hole in the centre, scribe the recipient's name in icing on the biscuit and feed curly ribbon through the hole. This is a fab idea to hang from your Christmas tree, providing you don’t have a dog or two.

Food crafts are delicious and a lot of fun to make. Making them allows youngsters to go in the kitchen and learn all about baking while also relieving you of some of the tension that all of that cooking may bring when you're doing it alone.

Gift Wrapping with a difference! One of the most enjoyable aspects of Christmas is seeing all of the presents beneath the tree and attempting to predict what is inside. We don't have to use the bright, colourful paper we buy every year to wrap a present. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them can be wrapped in traditional paper. Some items are unusually shaped and require a little extra ingenuity to wrap. Look into various methods to surprise those folks on Christmas morning this year.

Gift wrapping is a great way to show off your sewing skills for anybody who enjoys it. Consider a bottle of wine as an example. We've all seen the pre-made bags for holding them, so why not save money and have more fun by making our own? A drawstring bag can conceal a bottle of wine, a bottle of bubble bath, or other giftable accessories. There is more than one way to present a gift. If you have an idea, try it to see if it works. No one ever turned down a gift because it was in a shoe box or wrapped in brown paper. Besides, it's the thought that counts remember.

"This year, the jingling of bells, the Christmas soundtrack on loop, and the never-ending supply of mulled wine will undoubtedly make us all feel joyful and appreciative of all we have."

"Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas……"

 > November 2021 

30 Day Challenge ......

The focus this month is on self-care and finding methods to make physical and mental health a greater part of your life, which may sound complicated but is actually quite straightforward. 

Daily reminders will help you remain on track, whether you write them in your calendar, add them as events to your phone, or stick Post-Its on your bedroom mirror, but save this page and return if you're ever unclear about the day's target.

So....Let's get started.......

✅- Day 1, Do deep breathing exercises.

✅- Day 2, Catch up with a good friend.

✅- Day 3, Schedule something to look forward to.

✅- Day 4, Donate or recycle something you never use.

✅- Day 5, Do 30 minutes of yoga.

✅- Day 6, Plan a healthy meal.

✅- Day 7, Ask for help with something.

✅- Day 8, Listen to your favourite happy music.

✅ - Day 9, Take 10 minutes to read — good stuff or junk!

✅- Day 10, Go for a walk at lunch.

✅- Day 11, Budget 20 minutes of spa time - Whether it’s a manicure or a blowout, do whatever makes you feel good.

✅- Day 12, Practice a favourite hobby. Colouring, doodling, and drawing all increase blood flow to the reward circuit in the brain.

✅- Day 13, Let yourself get distracted by a movie.

✅- Day 14, Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.

✅- Day 15, Drink water instead of alcohol or soda today.

✅- Day 16, Schedule a game night.

✅- Day 17, Set a mini goal.

✅- Day 18, Cross a lingering item off your to-do list.

✅- Day 19, Compliment someone - Put a little good karma into the world.

✅- Day 20, Plan a night in with friends. Whether it's book club or a Netflix and chill party.

✅- Day 21, Try a 5-minute meditation.

✅- Day 22, FaceTime with a family member.

✅- Day 23, Do something outside.

✅- Day 24, Make plans with your partner for a date night. It's not an issue if you're single. Instead, call a buddy who appreciates you and make a fun plan.

✅- Day 25, Unfollow negative people on social media.

✅- Day 26, Say no to something.

✅- Day 27,Have a phone-free night at home.

✅- Day 28, Watch a silly video that makes you laugh. Try TikTok!

✅- Day 29, Write down something good that happened today.

✅- Day 30, Adopt a new habit.

Consider the last 30 days and whether or not you want to make a change. Is it possible to make game night a weekly event? Did going for a stroll during lunch help you feel more prepared to face the remainder of the day? Even if the month is finished, you may continue to do your favourite hobbies on a regular basis for the rest of your life.

> October 2021 

Why Is Self-Care So Important?

Humanity has an epidemic failure when it comes to managing stress and anxiety and the health problems that coincide with them.

Like so many people around the world today, you may be struggling with:

❌ Anxiety

❌ The inability to concentrate...

❌ Feeling irritable, frustrated, or falling in the pits of depression...

❌ Having negative thoughts and surrounded by toxic people and situations...

You too can push through feeling overwhelmed and follow our step-by-step process to achieve your own transformation and stay healthy in Mind and Body.

✅ Create Habits that Support your Well-Being.

According to science, it takes around 21 days to form a new habit. Habits may either drive you away from your objectives or bring you closer to them. Self-care, like everything else, is a skill that, when practised on a regular basis, can alter your life in ways you never imagined. 

Choosing behaviours that are aimed toward a healthy you might assist you in establishing a even healthier you.

✅ Build Long-Term Happiness and Positivity

One of the primary pillars of self-love is self-care. Every act of self-care strengthens your love for yourself and, as a result, increases the amount of positivity in your life. 

The more positivity you encounter, the happier you will be, and the happier you are on the side, the more positivity will be reflected in your surroundings. Make a new cycle for yourself that will keep you going through authentic positivity.

✅ Live a more Balanced and Centred Life

Living a balanced lifestyle isn't easy for everyone, but no matter where you are in life, self-care can be a powerful tool for giving yourself the life-changing sensation of being centred. 

Self-care is essential for achieving balance, whether at home, at work, in a social situation, or when participating in sports.

✅ Emotional and spiritual growth are important for your overall personal development.

We are all more than simply physical beings. We are our ideas, feelings, emotions, and perceptions. 

You may heal, connect, and develop yourself as a WHOLE person when you incorporate personal growth of not just your body, but also your mind, emotion, and soul.

✅ Live In The Present Moment

It's natural to want to reflect on the past or be concerned about the future, to the point where you lose sight of the present moment. Every minute you are given is a one-of-a-kind gift. Make the most of it by being completely present. Self-care is a unique practise that teaches you how to appreciate all of life's wonders.

> September 2021 

Breaking up and getting over it—quick! 

Learning to quit thinking about someone is one of the most crucial life skills. Everyone want to forget about someone — an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, a poisonous acquaintance, or an abusive family, to name a few examples.

Distractions, such as chatting to others, can sometimes be beneficial. Stopping a nostalgic or angry train of thinking, however, is more difficult than it appears. Pull the emergency brake and follow these instructions on how to get out of it.

Fast ways to forget about someone….

Discard any mementos of the past. Physical reminders make it more difficult to forget about someone. Get rid of everything that makes you think about them! It might be a sweatshirt, a framed photograph, or photographs from your phone. If these goods have monetary worth and you don't want to toss them away, put them in a box and leave them with a friend. Your emotional attachment to them may diminish with time.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Consider someone else you still care about — yourself! We frequently place individuals on pedestals, even after they have mistreated us, leading to obsessive thinking, self-blame, and mistrust. You are deserving of better.

Quit Stalking - Constant alerts about someone are the last thing you need when you're trying to figure out how to stop thinking about them. Unfollow, unsubscribe, and unfriend people you don't want to be friends with. Checking in on them all the time to see who they're hanging out with or what they're up to can only delay down your recuperation. Posting about them on a regular basis might bring up negative memories. Remove the temptation as quickly as possible by deleting or blocking them on social media. Remove any of their friends with whom you have no relationship.

The no-contact rule. We've all been there: you might be tempted to call the individual and re-ignite the conflict. Don't be caught in this trap. Stick to the no-contact rule! Don't text, phone, or message them, and keep your communication to a minimum. Consider designating a buddy as a go-between if you really must contact this individual for financial, logistical, or other reasons. If this individual needs to send you a message, they can do so through your friend.

Forgive to forget - This one is really tough for many people, but it is also quite important. This individual has most likely caused you significant harm in some manner. Don't wish evil on them for your own sake, not theirs. It will be more difficult to forget this individual if you are always angry.

Get out there! Don't dwell over this individual all day at home. Go out and explore the world on your own or with other individuals who are positive in your life. Better still, attempt some activities that you couldn't do when this individual was in your life. Whatever you do, engage in some physical activity and remind yourself that the world does not revolve around your Ex.

Look to the future, consider a future in which you will be with someone who... On the days you're not trying, he loves you the most; he sees how your mind operates. Respects your autonomy, Gets to know your pals, Hears you out, Makes you feel peaceful, and gives you strength. Accept that you won't be able to change what happened in the past.

You have the capacity to shape yourself by using what you've learned in the past. Whether these encounters were positive or negative, each one provides us with knowledge that we may utilize in the future. You've already discovered that you are deserving of better, that you are strong, and that you are competent.

Hopefully, these tips on how to stop thinking about someone have helped you feel better today. 

> August 2021 

"Release your inhibitions, feel the rain on your skin." 

Inhibitions can have a detrimental effect at times. Inhibitions can make us feel inadequate, fearing loss of control, having low self-esteem, etc. The majority of inhibitions are fear-based.

Releasing your inhibitions means letting go of the things that hold you back from saying and doing what you would naturally do if you weren’t thinking about the repercussions of it.

Get Rid of Your Inhibitions:

The Breakthrough - Being in areas where you are not at ease might sometimes heighten your inhibitions initially until you learn to overcome them. You may practice being in settings where you are forced to be. By doing things outside your comfort zone increases feelings of freedom, making it easier to lower your inhibitions when you need and want.

Love thy yourself -Do you think about who you are, what you like, and how you want to evolve? Your inhibitions will lessen the closer you are to yourself. Knowing oneself best boosts self-assurance, which in turn boosts your capacity to be confident in situations when your inhibitions are likely to grow.

Get support- Do you have people in your buddy circle that encourage you to be yourself? Do you think you'll be able to be yourself around them, your true self? Pose these questions and consider your responses. Being in the company of others brings out the best in you because it teaches you to accept yourself as you are. Because you have established another layer of confidence via the love and support of your friends and family, you may be able to decrease your inhibitions in other situations.

Be self-aware- How can you overcome your inhibitions if you are unaware that they are holding you back or even that they exist? It's critical that you pay attention to this pattern of conduct. Tracking your inhibitions in a diary is one method to keep track of them. Consider your inhibition and take the actions necessary to overcome them.

Affirmations, often known as positive affirmations, are positive words that counteract negative thinking. These affirmations have the power to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging beliefs such as inhibitions. The more you repeat them and believe them, the more likely you are to alter them for the better.

Your inhibitions are like bad habits that can be broken; they're your inventions. You transformed your inhibitions into beliefs and gave them strength at some time. You have the ability to modify or shed your inhibitions, as well as the free choice to do so.

> July 2021 

Healing through pages…

Taking care of our thoughts during challenging times may be difficult. But can we find solace among our bookshelves?

When dealing with personal concerns like anxiety and sadness, or grief, it can be difficult to understand what is going on in our mind and body, especially if you have no prior experience to compare it to. Bibliotherapy seeks to fill this need by utilising books to assist you in improving your life by offering knowledge, support, vital insight, perspective, and direction in the form of reading.

Bibliotherapy, is thought to be a different sort of therapy. The reader has a greater knowledge and connection with the author, primary character, or situation/issue. Fiction and non-fiction, poems, plays, and short stories may provide escape, adventure, thrill, and romance that connects with and speaks to their inner self through bibliotherapy. Reading in all its vibrancy, depth and power is a seasoned solitary space for us to lose and find ourselves within.

There is a substantial body of data supporting the importance of reading for health and well-being, as well as a shared community of avid readers. I can’t praise enough the usefulness of public libraries as a non-stigmatised, accepting, and empowering venue for those seeking guidance and for those who just love to sink into a good book. Nor can I ignore the bookstore around the corner or the much popular bookstores found on our high streets.

Oh and how I love to peruse through my current favourite section of genre (espionage circa 1940’s) before hitting hard into another.

Whilst online reading counts, there is nothing quite like turning the page on a hard back or the smell of a library book. I’m just so sad that the old system of having your book stamped has been lost. No matter what your preference of genre may be, surely, we all agree… books provide us with hours of stimulation and growth!

I hope this blog gives you an insight on just what a good book can do; read on to learn more….

Fictional prescription - Many of us can certainly relate to feeling peaceful or joyful when we're immersed in a book, and if reading has always been a part of your life, it's only natural that it should be a part of your self-care routine as well.

A new perspective - Books have always been a great instrument for bettering our awareness of ourselves, as well as a fantastic means to discover new ideologies and thoughts that frequently spring to mind or become apparent when reading. As a result, we can evaluate and investigate the popularity of book clubs from this perspective. Meeting in a group may assist you in a variety of ways, such as meeting like-minded individuals, increasing your social network or simply boosting your morale.

Pen to paper - It’s important to hit upon the right piece of writing, book, poem or text that is suited to your specific needs. Making a list of all the areas in your life where you need clarification, attention, or healing is an excellent place to start If you're having trouble prioritising your needs, look for books that address this topic in some way. Once you’ve hit on the right poetry collection, self-help book or novel, the rest is simple.

The subtext - You might like to try some journalling alongside your reading to document your observations and feelings. An important part of the process of a good read is to reflect and integrate the experience with your own.

The Classics- sometimes re-reading the classics can offer more insight as with experience. I remember reading Jane Eyre novel by Charlotte Bronte when I was 14 and thinking how I thought she was pathetic, weak and I desperately wanted to throw the book out of the window. In later years, the opposite happened…. a re-awakening and Jane symbolised so much more, and a newfound appreciation surfaced.

Everyone’s reading tastes and needs are individual. But there are a few universal books that can tap into our minds and make us feel understood and connected. Why don’t you nip down to your local bookshop and add to your 2021 list and revitalise your reading list today!

> June 2021 

Your Essential Guide.......

Feeling tired, stressed or simply need a boost? There is an essential oil to fix that feeling…If you have ever loved the scent of fresh flowers in spring and summer, then you have most certainly inhaled the aroma of the plant’s essential oils. These oils have been used for centuries for their amazing health benefits.

Essential oils have grown in popularity and are no longer exclusive to new-age spas and hip urban centres. Plant-derived, heavily distilled oils have long been a selling point of cosmetics and cleaning products, and new evidence shows that they're a powerful therapy when inhaled and used correctly.

Each plant's essence has a particular chemical composition that influences its scent, absorption, and effect. Essential oils are easily detected by smell receptors that are connected to the limbic system, which regulates heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and tension. Essential oils, have a lot to offer, and no two oils are identical.

“Yes, aromatherapy can potentially be beneficial to your health. Consider using scents instead of pills to lift your mood and disperse any anxiety.”

There are a myriad of essential oils to choose from, so here's a rundown of those that may be used for mood-altering medication. Essential oils are a low-risk, low-cost, and an efficient treatment for symptom management. So grab a cuppa and decide which option is best for you.

De-Stress- Ylang Ylang is your “go to”. Ylang Ylang is good for relieving nervous tension, frustration, restlessness, anger, anxiety, depression and stress. It is also the essential oil to use in the case of shock and trauma to the mind and body. It has a wonderful relaxing aroma and can really aid an over stimulated nervous system to unwind and relax.

Mood Defying- Mandarin has a calming influence on the emotional body and can bring relief in the case of insomnia, anxiety, low mood and stress. With its beautiful colour, the essential oil is nourishing to the nervous system. It is also thought to be uplifting and restorative to the mind, bringing back your zest, happiness and concentration.

Restful Sleep - It’s an old preference and loved by most people – lavender. Lavender is known for its peaceful, soothing and restful qualities. It helps with sleeplessness, headaches and irritability as it is calming to the mind.

Boost Confidence- Bergamot has a brilliantly uplifting aroma, and it is used usually in aromatherapy for depression, low self-esteem, melancholy and anxiety. It is refreshing and invigorating. It is good for banishing stress and promoting confidence.

To unleash the best essential oils into the air, I suggest using a diffuser; but, if you don't have one, you can spill oil into a bowl of steaming hot water. Using one or two drops of the oil or oils of your choice. Inhale the fragrance released after taking 10 deep breaths while standing a few feet apart. 

Another excellent suggestion is whether you are at work or in the car. Place one drop of each oil on a cotton ball and place it under your nose for one to two minutes.

Be Cautious - even though the aim of this blog is to give you an overview of useful essential oils that can help you feel more inspired. Trying essential oils, particularly when it comes to aromatherapy, is almost always risk-free. However, Essential oils should be used with caution by those who have extreme reactions or allergies to fragrances, as well as others who have respiratory issues.

> May 2021

Self-Care, Treat yourself to a little every single day and reap the wellbeing rewards......

You may be mindful that you need to take proper care of yourself, but due to the pressures of life, you refuse to do so. Self-care is something you should be aware of and consciously prepare for, rather than something that comes to you. 

Here is some self-care inspiration to give your mind, body, and soul a lift on a regular basis.

Get some sleep already - Even though it seems to be easy, most of us get less than seven hours of sleep a night. Your brain eliminates toxins, consolidates memories as you sleep. Which, yes, means you can snooze your way through self-care.

Simply Breathe - You'll find that your breathing becomes rapid when you're agitated, panicked, or sad. Take a few deep breaths and pay attention to how easily you recover after pausing for them. Make e an attempt to find a quieter spot to rest and think. Meditation is a wonderful way to unwind, give it a go!

Go outside - While you're at it, blow off the cobwebs and get a change of scenery. Per day, move for at least 30 minutes. It's easy to overlook the importance of getting some fresh air, but a quick jog through the park will do wonders for your mood. Make an attempt to get out every day whether you're feeling cooped up at home or at work, even if it's just for 10 minutes or for half-hour during your lunch break.

Learn to relax - We all unwind in various ways, so if your usual coping mechanisms aren't working right now, it's time to rethink your approach. There are a variety of ways to unwind without leaving the house; some people like to take a hot bath filled with bath bombs, read a bestseller, or engage in a solitary hobby such as crafting.

Eat and drink well - It's easy to slip into a pit of comfort food from our favourite take-out spot to fill an empty vacuum at times of uncertainty and disharmony. While a takeaway is a good way to start the weekend and a well-deserved treat, a more nutritious diet should be enjoyed on a regular basis. Speak to your Dietician for a healthy eating plan.

Get moving - This may seem obvious but having adequate physical activity would help your mental health tremendously. In addition to the endorphins, you'll experience afterward, exercise will increase your stamina and help you shake off the symptoms of lethargy by increasing your health's vitality.

Always look on the bright side. Choosing to see the bright side may seem like a cliché – and it may seem unlikely – but new and lighter moments are almost always there, and they are always worth discovering. The key to success is our ability to see the big picture through positivity, optimism, and compassion for others.

Set boundaries and switch the tech off! Since we often have our work lives following us everywhere through our phones these days; setting clear rules around work emails, messages, and calls, will also help create more downtime by limiting the time we spend on our phones and laptops can help us maintain a sense of control.

With a little bit of attention and focus to your own self-care. You'll get a better sense of self-awareness of the world around you. Small pleasures will thrill you, and nothing will feel as daunting as it once did.

> APRIL 2021

Easter is a time when people come together and rejoice. It has religious significance and symbolizes the celebration and confirmation of all that represents faith, hope and sacrifice and with it, Spring has arrived to, bringing cheery pastels, spring flowers, bright sunshine and the odd April showers thrown in for good measure.

This year is especially special as a fresh spirit of excitement has descended upon us now that certain restrictions and safety measures have been relaxed.

With Easter Weekend rapidly approaching, we are now able to gather in our own gardens in groups of up to six people or two households, whoop whoop!

So, if you're having an Easter brunch with your family and friends or just spending time pottering around your home, there are plenty of ideas to add a splash of spring cheer to your Easter weekend including several ways to turn this season's flowers into last-minute arrangements with a splash of colour, elegance, style and finesse.

While your Easter table doesn't have to look like it came straight out of an issue of Ideal Home Magazine, you should add your own personality, character, and tradition. Create your own tradition by including one or two elements that will bring the family together and serve as a constant reminder and lasting legacy of your own for years to come.

“I hope you find this blog post to be chock-full of tips and ideas to add to your table this Easter”.

Set the mood - In a matter of seconds, you can turn an entire table spread into an inviting family setting. When it comes to adding your own individuality, there are so many options to choose from including the following:

A vintage linen tablecloth in pale pink or sunshine yellow pays a fitting tribute to the spring season, while adding a beautiful pop of colour. Speaking of colour, pastel-coloured balloons are a lovely addition and create a pretty focal point and add a burst of joy to anyone's table setting. Small double bubble balloons are a popular choice for many.

I love the idea of filling a big jar or several tiny jars of pick-N-mix sweet favours to add to your table decor. This will bring a special character to your table gathering, and your guests will love them to.

Homemade Easter bunting really gets everyone actively participating and can bring to life and springboard everyone’s artistic flair, enlist the help of your family for a fun filled activity. 

Aside from the traditional spring centrepieces and décor, ever thought of making name cards with matching Easter napkin folds? There are plenty of online websites and YouTube videos that can guide you on how to create your very own Easter bunny and chick folds.

Blooming Marvellous - Flowers are a popular Easter offering, centrepiece, and religious decoration, since they are a sign of spring. Flowers are one of my favourite gifts to send and receive at any time of the year, but they seem to have a special meaning during Easter. Fresh-cut arrangements look so lovely and smell so fragrant leaving a trail of sweet-scented perfume for days. White lilies, daffodils, tulips, daisies, and hyacinths are all common Easter flowers and are always warmly welcomed and accepted.

Flowers can be arranged in several different ways, ranging from simple to lavish. Seasonal flowers in antique vases can create floral arrangements that evoke a narrative and charm without fail.

Get Creative – Enlist the entire family to help you to create the perfect easter card, bake a sweet surprise, decorate cupcakes or craft exclusive gifts this Easter for all to enjoy. Baking, Arts, and Crafts are so personal and unique as well as fun and are easy to make and will bring the biggest smile to all involved. If you are stuck for ideas, there are an array of suggestions online to seek inspiration from.

One of my favourite craft designs is that of an Easter Tree or a Remembrance Tree to honour your loved ones, this for me is the perfect springtime decoration for a family-centred celebration, with photos of loved ones’ adorning and embellishing the whole table centre piece. This Easter idea is sure to please the whole family and bring back warm memories of days gone by.

Easter Hamper/Basket – Easter baskets come in all sizes and can be packed with delicious treats for friends and family to enjoy. Bring smiles on your loved ones' faces by delivering your beautifully hand-crafted Easter gift basket on Easter Sunday.

An Easter basket that has been thoughtfully assembled is a deeply personal gift. Easter gift baskets can be customised to include only the best treats, sweetest confections, a bottle of wine and a variety of cheeses and other indulgences. Homemade bread and jam, made with love, is also a wonderful idea and adds a special touch. These delicious offerings will delight whoever receives your hamper, this Easter.

Easter Hunt – Filling an Easter basket with chocolate eggs and other delights whilst pairing it with an entertaining activity is a fun thing to do at Easter. Building an Easter basket with clues leading to some indulgent sweet treats is always enjoyable for all those involved. Try leaving clues and select teams to participate and compete with. It turns an ordinary Easter hunt into an Easter egg scavenger hunt!

Whether you choose to have your hunt indoors or outdoors or both, Easter scavenger quests are great for younger children, teenagers and adults, alike. You'll want to keep this day light and playful. 

To build an Easter basket with clues, all you need is a little creativity and some imaginative thinking. So, mix up your clues so that some are easy to figure out and others require some thought. If time is against you, there are printable clues you can find online; just simply edit and adapt to suit your family.

Feast for the eyes – This Easter families will come together on Easter Sunday to attend church and many households will hunt for chocolate eggs, eat hot cross buns and/or simnel cake, as well as have a special meal to mark the Easter weekend. A table laden with flavourful, appetising, and memorable Easter-themed dishes will be the centrepiece to any family gathering.

Though for many; Easter, can be a challenging and distracting celebration. Sustaining a positive outlook and maintaining a healthy attitude despite the abundance of food temptations can be difficult. I understand that the prospect of overindulging in food can make us feel uneasy and anxious.

Try not to lose heart; plan your Easter weekend and meal menus ahead of time to ensure you remain on track to reach your weight loss objectives. You don't have to forego taste and flavour in order to have a good time!

Remember there are plenty of healthy alternatives and options available (seek the advice and support of your Dietician).

> March 2021

Hair Raising Vitamins.......

While genetic and hormonal are the main causes of hair loss, diet and lifestyle factors can also have a major impact on your hair's health and thickness.

Vitamin intake is one significant hair health aspect that is sometimes ignored. Just as vitamins may improve your immune system and give you healthy skin, there may be noticeable daily consumption of known vitamins which can have a positive impact on the thickness, shine and health of your hair.

If you have found that your hair is beginning to thin, getting thinner, or eventually breaking/splitting apart, there is a possibility it may be due to inadequate intake of vitamins.

Fortunately, vitamins are incredibly inexpensive, so it is highly recommended to supplement your diet and/or have a full intake of the vitamins you need to keep your hair at its peak condition.

In this guide, I will share my recommendations for the best vitamins available to increase the health and growth rate of your hair. As well as the thickness, colour, shine and other hair care needs that have a noticeable effect on the way you look and feel.

Vitamin A, One of the most significant and controversial vitamins for hair health is vitamin A. The explanation for the debate surrounding this vitamin is that high doses of vitamin A, can cause an over production of oil that can cause you to shed hair, whereas healthy levels can promote hair growth.

In restoring damage to your hair, vitamin A plays a major role. It also keeps the scalp free of a feeling of tenderness, soreness and discomfort by supporting the production of scalp oil. Consuming the correct quantity of Vitamin A, can see a substantial improvement in the rate at which your hair grows.

If you have not noticed any of the effects of a deficiency, there is no need to supplement vitamin A. However, you'll be just fine with the amount found with most multivitamin supplements if you want to top up your vitamin A.

Vitamin B12, plays an important role in promoting healthy hair growth. Unlike other vitamins that are rapidly absorbed by your liver and excreted after absorption, your body can store excess vitamin B12 in your liver to use when it requires it. To ensure that you are never deficient, this makes it easy to improve your vitamin B12 levels with a supplement.

There are also other severe symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, making it essential for you to talk to your doctor if you think you are affected.

Biotin is a B vitamin that plays a major role in promoting healthy hair development. Biotin appears to have an important role in growing thicker, healthier hair, as well as playing a role in preventing hair loss.

It is fairly easy to regulate your intake of biotin. In fact, if most individuals eat foods such as eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes and spinach, there might be no need to worry about it.

The best course of action is to see your doctor if you are worried about biotin deficiency. With a simple blood test, a biotin deficiency is easy to diagnose, and your doctor will be able to provide you with supplementation advice.

Chances are that you get more than enough biotin from your diet, and while supplements are not likely to harm you, their efficacy is not yet proven for non-deficient people.

Vitamin C, plays a major role in keeping your hair thick, robust and healthy, although you may not think of it as an essential vitamin for hair health. Research suggest that vitamin C is an essential component in the synthesis of collagen. Simply put, this means that it is necessary to get your daily dose of vitamin C to ensure that your hair, skin, nails and other body parts are strong.

Even the thickest hair can become thin and brittle without enough collagen, causing serious issues no matter how full your hairline may be.

The good news is that one of the best vitamins for consumption is vitamin C. By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, or just by consuming a vitamin C supplement each morning, can boost the health of your hair.

Vitamin D, Low vitamin D levels can lead to hair shedding and temporary hair loss, just like the other vitamins mentioned above. Most people understand vitamin D as the "sun vitamin," because when your skin is exposed to the sun, this vitamin is formed. Vitamin D is technically a set of vitamins, all of which play an important role in promoting overall good health.

There's a possibility that low vitamin D output might be the culprit if you don't get a lot of sunlight. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of solving this problem. Taking a vitamin D supplement is the first, which is more of a band-aid solution than a cure. This is a simple and effective way to get immediate relief if you're deficient in vitamin D.

Improving the sun exposure is a safer long-term solution. Fast 10-15 minute sun exposure sessions will help you get all the vitamin D benefits of spending time in the sun without harming your skin, all while serving as an easy way to enhance your tan.

Vitamin E, is arguably the most essential vitamin for promoting hair development, so much so that it is commonly used to promote the rapid growth of thick, solid and healthy hair in homemade topical formulations.

Vitamin E is, like many other vitamins, an antioxidant that is essential for body tissue building and repair. Vitamin E plays a major role in supporting the growth and regeneration of your skin and hair, in addition to protecting your eyes, heart and internal organs.

There are many ways to give vitamin E a boost to your hairline. The first is to add foods that are high in vitamin E to your diet, such as spinach, broccoli and avocados. You can also add vitamin E to your diet by eating more almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Taking a vitamin E supplement is another choice. The capsules of vitamin E are very cheap and readily available, making them simple to add to a stack of supplements. In most men's multivitamin supplements, you'll also find vitamin E as an ingredient.

> February 2021

Mamuna’s Valentine Survival Guide!

We probably have fixed ideas about what brands us in high spirits on Valentine’s day. If you are already coupled up, spending time with your loved one in a romantic setting might be desirable even if that is just going to be at home this year.

Our pre-conceived ideas about what makes us happy on Valentine’s Day usually includes our desire to be coupled up (for one night only! Just kidding), just like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan or Cary Grant and his Girl Friday!

This time of year melts the heart of most cynics. It goes without saying, this year will be altogether unique with lockdown in place with limited ways to celebrate and express just how we feel about our significant other.

Back to the present day, with magical gestures of romance and the ever and ever bit, it seems like it’s in a land far far away. Scratch the record! What do you mean it is!!! Questionably, Valentine’s Day, is the only one day in the year that marks one’s commitment!?

Whatever your circumstance and whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s Day with, in Person or on a virtual platform, be sure to make it stress free and create a happy and loving environment. 

To avoid disappointment, make the day a positive and uplifting experience, try these simple steps to ensure you both have a great Day …..

Plan ahead– forget fancy, Valentines’ is all about hearty and comforting dishes that are easy to eat and prepare (If dietary requirements are in place, speak to your dietician for advice).

Set the mood– The key to a great evening is keeping you both feeling warm and merry. You don’t have to be overindulgent to create an atmosphere. Research shows that the smell, aroma and mood appeals to the senses much more and sets the tone for the evening ahead.

Lock in with a virtual date- if you are single, this is a great way to set up a date with that someone, friends or family. The concept of virtual meetings is no longer new to our lifestyle since March 2020 and seems to be a real hit with those that have Covid 19 restrictions in place. All sorts of activities can be at play including cooking and dining together, watching a movie and playing games. Don’t forget to make an effort, give your hair a flick or a bounce, dust down that dress, reach for the stilettos and bring it on!

So it’s not quite what we expect,never the less STRIP IT BACK and just be you and tell yourself that whatever happens you will make the most of the evening be it with that special person or with friends/family.

Capture the moment- So however your Valentine’s day celebrations turn out, have fun. Create unique memories for you to look back on. Whether we are in a relationship or are single the paramount desire is to be happy. Choose to be happy now!

Affirmations are a great way to certify a healthier mind and focus on all the positive things to ensure a wonderful time. By achieving self-prophecy through affirmation ensures a commitment to having a great time. Mantras /Affirmations are not only used to recite but alternatively they can be used as a constant reminder! Try writing them down on post-it notes, to act as a daily reminder. It will help to gather momentum and make the day even more thrilling!

Lighten up!The imperfections make the Day more memorable! Not all can be achieved, and the chances are there will be a romantic meal up in flames. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, remember it will be notable in the years to come.

Whether we are in a relationship or are single the overruling aspiration is to be happy, so no matter how your Valentine’s Day turns out, make sure you have fun. 

> January 2021

New Year, New You…..

We all like to set New Year’s resolutions with the best of intention; with life being so busy, even the idea of a well-being overhaul can leave us feeling nauseas, dizzy, clammy or at worst make us all want to spontaneously combust. However, small changes can make all the difference. By tweaking our lifestyle, can benefit us all immensely and leave us brimming with a newfound confidence.

The New Year is the perfect time to boot out old bad habits and kick start healthy regimes including starting a fresh new look and insight on what changes you want to make during this coming year. After all, we all yearn for change in the New Year and are renewed with enthusiasm for exercise and self-improvement. We often look to join classes, outdoor pursuits or purchase the latest cookbook to maximise these lifestyle tweaks to the greatest effect to make us look and feel great. Although most of can’t get to the gym or classes just now we can get outdoors to exercise or do so from the comfort of our own homes.

The small things are the biggest changes from swapping your fried breakfast to a grill up instead or getting the urge to to go for a walk instead of watching TV Replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy alternative is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health! Find an activity that you feel is right for you and make every effort to include it into your lifestyle.

As well as maintaining a healthy dietary requirement and seeking an active lifestyle, being on the go and being switched on almost all the time leaves us feeling drained of energy not to mention sleep deprived.

The cold temperatures will tempt us to go into natural hibernation as winter continues, so how do we ensure that we stay fit and motivated over the winter months?So why not help yourself and boost your vitality by adding the adapting the following tips to your lifestyle.

#1- Once you’ve decided on which resolutions you wish to continue with, make sure that you keep a daily record of your set goals. To achieve any health goal, you must want it. Try and sustain your motivation in order to succeed.

#2- Set a target for weight loss, plan for exercise and prepare healthy meals. Using a tracking system on your progress, enables you to monitor your achievements and keeps you motivated and feeling great.

#3 - Organise your exercise and fitness regime. Look at your diary and schedule your work-out hours at least 3 times a week.This can include outdoor activities including walks and cycling.

#4 - Don’t forget to plan enjoyable activities into your lifestyle in advance and include your family and/or friends (providing they are in your bubble) to have some fun with.

#5-Enlist and encourage everyone that you know. Remember, good behaviour affects how we feel. Since most of us show our love and appreciation with a hearty meal and most tend to share their troubles over a cup of tea, take the opportunity to make it a group effort to eat more healthily and reducing your caffeine intake.