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New Year, New You…..

We all like to set New Year’s resolutions with the best of intention; with life being so busy, even the idea of a well-being overhaul can leave us feeling nauseas, dizzy, clammy or at worst make us all want to spontaneously combust. However, small changes can make all the difference. By tweaking our lifestyle, can benefit us all immensely and leave us brimming with a newfound confidence.

The New Year is the perfect time to boot out old bad habits and kick start healthy regimes including starting a fresh new look and insight on what changes you want to make during this coming year. After all, we all yearn for change in the New Year and are renewed with enthusiasm for exercise and self-improvement. We often look to join classes, outdoor pursuits or purchase the latest cookbook to maximise these lifestyle tweaks to the greatest effect to make us look and feel great. Although most of can’t get to the gym or classes just now we can get outdoors to exercise or do so from the comfort of our own homes.

The small things are the biggest changes from swapping your fried breakfast to a grill up instead or getting the urge to to go for a walk instead of watching TV Replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy alternative is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health! Find an activity that you feel is right for you and make every effort to include it into your lifestyle.

As well as maintaining a healthy dietary requirement and seeking an active lifestyle, being on the go and being switched on almost all the time leaves us feeling drained of energy not to mention sleep deprived.

The cold temperatures will tempt us to go into natural hibernation as winter continues, so how do we ensure that we stay fit and motivated over the winter months?So why not help yourself and boost your vitality by adding the adapting the following tips to your lifestyle.

#1- Once you’ve decided on which resolutions you wish to continue with, make sure that you keep a daily record of your set goals. To achieve any health goal, you must want it. Try and sustain your motivation in order to succeed.

#2- Set a target for weight loss, plan for exercise and prepare healthy meals. Using a tracking system on your progress, enables you to monitor your achievements and keeps you motivated and feeling great.

#3 - Organise your exercise and fitness regime. Look at your diary and schedule your work-out hours at least 3 times a week.This can include outdoor activities including walks and cycling.

#4 - Don’t forget to plan enjoyable activities into your lifestyle in advance and include your family and/or friends (providing they are in your bubble) to have some fun with.

#5-Enlist and encourage everyone that you know. Remember, good behaviour affects how we feel. Since most of us show our love and appreciation with a hearty meal and most tend to share their troubles over a cup of tea, take the opportunity to make it a group effort to eat more healthily and reducing your caffeine intake.