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Mamuna Arshad


Seasons Greetings


Get ready to sparkle this winter .....

The Festive season always inspires us to try something new and different and we all love an opportunity to shake things up and re-invent ourselves. So ask yourself, What DO you REALLY want for Christmas?

Our range of must have skin treatments and products this winter can give you that extra certain, “je ne sais quoi” during the winter months. Don’t just put our non-surgical treatments on your wish list; add a little sparkle and glitz. 

With Christmas celebrations and events well under way, take the smart approach and make sure you look and feel fabulous this winter.

Skin peels- Chemical peeling is a principally respected practice that improves many skin problems by encouraging healthier skin. Peels help to repair, restore and re-condition all skin types.Peels have an array of diverse variations dependant on the individual’s skin specification and condition. The overall result is typically reliant on the kind of peel used. For example; it’s potency/strength, how deep they permeate/penetrate into the skin, the length of time the peel is left on for and the time to recover post treatment.

A consultation/assessment is the best way to learn which peel best suits the individual’s needs. To choose correctly, a consultant/practitioner will recommend and devise a skin programme that includes the most appropriate peel and range of skin care products to maximise the overall success of the treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that acts to restore the skin’s tone and texture and appeals to those who want to be rid of brown spots, mild acne scars, sun-damaged skin and fine lines/wrinkles.Once dead and damaged skin cells have been removed, the skin immediately feels and looks smoother, fresher and healthier. Expect an immediate result from this procedure. A course of Microdermabrasion treatments vary and treatment can be performed between once a week to every fortnight, monthly and/or every 6 weeks. Your practitioner will direct you in terms of how many you may need.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) / Photo rejuvenation, Suitable for most skin types, uses a specifically designed thermal energy to target deep into the skins layers. This procedure is most frequently used to fade and do away with scars, blemishes, sun spots, thread veins and age spots to name a few.

Other benefits to the skin's appearance includes reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as stimulating and boosting our natural production of collagen. Treatment time is variable and is dependent on the area being treated.A treatment plan will be devised by your practitioner and can often consist of 3-6 sessions. You can see a visible improvement with each treatment.

Restylane - Vital (Skin booster) Ideal for all skin types

Skin boosters help maintain glowing and radiant skin. They are designed to hydrate the skin within and to help restore the skin’s elasticity and skin formation. The procedure involves injecting several small perforations into the dermis. Once injected, the product immerses steadily into the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated.

This procedure is administrated whenever you and your practitioner feel your skin needs a “boost”. Most patients choose to have treatment every 6 to 12 months after the initial treatment.

Skincare products- Late nights, parties and sheer laziness can lead to the ultimate cardinal sin of leaving make-up on overnight. A huge no-no for all, as this mistreatment of the skin can lead to skin congestion and encourages breakouts. Don’t despair, you can still maintain and gain healthy glowing skin.

A good skincare routine offers a solution to all and helps to direct you towards a clearer and healthier complexion that leaves your skin looking and feeling gorgeous. It is important, to follow a skincare routine with essential products that provide a constant support to your skin.

Additionally, you may also want … Line & Wrinkle Smoothing (Botox®)

This procedure involves injecting into the area concerned, it temporarily relaxes the facial muscles so that they no longer crease or cause wrinkles.Results following procedure will take a few days to become visible. The results will last between 3-4 months subject on lifestyle factors and how the muscles respond to the effects of the treatment.

Botox is just one example of line and wrinkle smoothing treatment. Your practitioner will talk you through the options in a consultation and advise the right treatment for you.

Dermal fillers- As we age, our natural skin tissues and collagen production becomes damaged. Dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments within non-surgical procedures and can give you a more youthful appearance.Fillers are frequently used to correct and improve the appearance of deep wrinkles as well as used to repair damaged skin depressions.

This procedure can also provide a solution to the loss of volume to the face.Depending on the chosen filler the longevity can range from 4 months to 3 years.

Lip enhancement (dermal filler) -Lip fillers help to re-shape, re-balance, re-define and give added volume to the perfect pout. A numbing cream is applied to the area, once this has taken effect the filler is injected into the lip area to give the optimum and desired result.Once the swelling has gone down you will see the effects immediately.


> October 2016


Make sure you embrace the most suitable holistic options out there that suit your lifestyle. Make this October, all about YOU.

It’s hard not to feel like you’re in a vacuum during this time of year with the start of the Autumnal season, we are all filled with the dread of the night’s drawing in, the onset of cold and flu symptoms as well as the bitterly cold snap in the air!

Instead of feeling the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), take it as a challenge.

Why not make this month, the start of taking control and feeling the best you’ve ever felt. This months challenge…. Is to try and doing something that makes you feel that you are back on track and feeling fitter and healthier in mind, body and spirit.

So, make October the month you...

Organised Run- Join your local community running group or set one up! This is a great opportunity to be a part of something that can make a difference to not only you, but those individuals within the community that share the same goals and aspirations.

Pound the pavements whilst doing your bit by taking part in a charity Event.

Whatever your ability and endurance may be, set yourself a goal and head for the finish line. Why not lose pounds and raise money for charity all at the same time.

Support groups such as these can really make a difference to the well-being of all and can also bring a sense of comradery and encourages a unique sense of achievement and belonging.

When the clock strikes …..!Step away from your desk and stop what you are doing. It’s so important to know your limits and figure out whether giving your extra time in the office is actually doing you any favours. Guess what it’s NOT!

Irregular eating, little breaks mixed with a stressful work load can have an impact on our health. Make sure you set adequate time to re charge and energise your lifeline.

Limit your Caffeine intake – A lifestyle statement! With coffee chains on every high street and home coffee machines (that don’t come with George Clooney!!) being percolated in the wee hours of the morning till dusk, are we all a nation of coffee addicts….

Some would say that we can’t start and end our day without the noticeable presence of a roasted blend of our favourite coffee….. Most would argue that too much can have a noticeable and significant effect on our health which includes an increase in heart rate, headaches and a mild increase in cholesterol levels. For others, research also shows that caffeine may also prevent the fight against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

A taste of the Mediterranean- Don’t lose the summer feeling, inject the good life and recline into a healthier diet that leaves you feeling energised. Research shows vegetables, fish, nuts and healthy oils in this diet can lower your cholesterol and combat heart disease.

All present - Who hasn’t fallen fowl of misinterpreting emails and texts…. be it an unclear emoji, one or more kisses on the end of a text or a misunderstood dry/sarcastic comment!? No matter how well you think you know someone, you’re no wiser at figuring out what their message means and so over- think and get ourselves all worked up!

It seems we are all too busy to take the time to meet. It’s sad to think we accept that it’s ok to be satisfied with a quick and often lazy text. So do yourself a favour, put down your iPhones, and meet face-to-face…. It’s great for your soul.

> September 2016

Be smart with your life, love and sanity!

It’s so important to highlight that our health and well-being is influenced by the thoughts and words we use every day.

Many of us wake up feeling a certain way; what you think and feel is therefore of great importance and it is your personal responsibility to maintain a healthier and positive outlook on a daily basis.

Remember, your mind/body is constantly listening and responding in what it thinks is the appropriate manner and therefore can influence how you feel on any given day.

Our experiences whether they are physical or emotional, frequently stay with us. These memories are often difficult to shift. However, there are techniques available that can help you.

From years of personal and professional experience, I’ve learnt that when we care for ourselves, we naturally begin to care for others. With a healthier outlook, we are able to apply ourselves in a more effective way with compassion and without obligation. Having the ability to be in tune with ourselves gives us a deeper insight on an intuitive level.

Having the capability to understand that we all have a sense of purpose; can build many links and networks to connect to others. Building relationships adds to our spiritual, mental and emotional intelligence.

By putting self-care as a priority, forces us to make honourable choices and decisions that reflect the true nature of our true self. Often we lose our own sense of worth. Most of us are only too aware of our commitment and investment in others and are usually yearning for the same reciprocated acknowledgement, affection, recognition, and support.

Exercise your desire to empower your right to be!

Since awareness itself inspires change, the choices you make either honour your extreme self-care or they leave you feeling deprived and often depleted and disheartened.

By acknowledging what you need will help you identify the areas of your life that are calling for greater adjustment, an increase in your awareness of what needs to change can help you to invest in you.

Doing something just for you, such as reading a good novel, having lunch with friends, or soaking in a bath can help you gain a greater sense of clarity .

Ask yourself “what do I need?”

Start by purchasing a diary/notebook. Jot down what you have been lacking.

Could it be:

  • Support
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Initiating a creative channel/ a new hobby
  • Increasing/decreasing your network
  • Planning a Holiday
  • Making space at home that is exclusively yours

Becoming aware of how you experience a shortage and lack of connection in your life is significant to making the changes necessary to attain optimal wellness and happiness. 

> August 2016

To forgive or not to go forgive ?

Most of us tend to struggle and wrestle with our emotional and mental being when holding onto feelings of rage and resentment. To be able to forgive is a noble action that only a few are able to truly claim. Some would say it is a divine attribute and that forgiveness is a process that takes time.

Many spiritual practices, teach of letting go of negative energy and thought patterns by embracing steps to overcome and accept those that have hurt and upset us with compassion.

By letting go of your right to punish another and choosing a more positive approach to the other person rather than his or her offence can set the process of forgiveness into motion, the first barrier you have to remove is within yourself. You have to decide to let go of what occurred, along with the need to punish the other. Forgiveness is something that takes time and you may feel that you have to renew your faith daily and sometimes on a minute by minute basis until it is no longer challenging.

We have often heard the saying “I’ll forgive, but not forget!”.......

Forgiveness doesn’t mean pretending it didn’t happen or running from it. We must face up to what happened and the part we played in the offence. We frequently find that we want to talk to others and we often worry about raising the issue and our concerns again.

By talking about it can help the forgiveness process along. By openly discussing the event can give you and your loved ones a opportunity to self heal and to move forward.

No matter how sincere your commitment is to change. Some days are easier than others but the key points are to stay focused.

Forgive and forget - Is it possible to pardon someone’s behaviour if they don’t recognise their own wrongdoing? If the person responsible is unaware of how they made you feel, moving on can prove more challenging.

True forgiveness is not about endorsing or excusing the harmful actions of another nor is it about overlooking the incident in question. Forgiveness is finding a way to release the burden of destructive emotions that have caused us pain.

It is possible to forgive the offender without condoning their action.

How to heal - On forgiving one another, we draw on making a conscious decision to release the other from forever disturbing our inner peace by drawing a “line in the sand”. By doing this all relationships can be restored without harbouring contempt.

Listening to your own inner critic is of great importance during the healing process. Being able to forgive ourselves for the action that we have chosen to play out is a start in how to forgive others. By learning how to forgive ourselves, allows us to recognise the healing benefits of forgiving.

By learning to recognise our own shortcomings, gives us an opportunity to rectify our behaviour and make the most of who you are without being too self critical.

> July 2016


Traditionally, the New Year and the spring, is synonymous for getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. So why not do this as often as we feel? De-cluttering our mind, body and soul of all that burdens us is a healthy exercise and a must for all.

Starting with our mind and our physical being and space, enables us to plan and organise what must go and when. Whether, it is time to go through our wardrobe or to make space in our homes or to simply remove ourselves from the rest of the world for a few hours...leaves in control of our own self.

It’s so important to give our body the respite it needs and give ourselves the opportunity to re-connect. Most of us start with having a dietary ‘Spring Clean’. Our body relies on a healthy diet and lifestyle to function well. A 24 hour juice detox, can help to give the body the tonic it needs to help the body eliminate toxins more effectively.

A juice detox helps to aid our digestive tract and liver to function at its best by giving it the essential nutrients it needs. Juices are usually a boost of goodness that includes nutrients for express absorption. They are packed with antioxidant, which help protect the body against damaging free radicals.

Are you JUICE ready?

TIP#1- It is important to prepare and be safe when you first detox. It is essential that you stick to a light diet a day or two before, which consists of plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish and eggs.

TIP#2- Before you start, you will need to invest in a juice blender.

TIP#3- On waking drink a large glass of hot water with juice of half a lemon and a glass of water or cup of nettle tea.

TIP#4- For your 24 hr detox, also include drinking plenty of water and herbal cleansing teas throughout the day.

TIP#5- For maximum benefit include a little gentle exercise and treatments such as massage, skin brushing and Epsom salt baths. Read the recipes opposite and make sure you have all the ingredients to hand before you start – and don’t forget you will need a good juicer and blender!

N.B. You can find recipes online or simply create your own

> June 2016

Stick to your Resolutions!

We all like to set New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, and those who do not follow through on their resolutions often end up disappointed at their lack of motivation and commitment throughout the year.

So here we are, half way through the year and already most of us are thinking about why we didn’t stick to our New Year’s Resolutions! With the summer on its way (anytime soon!!) we can, with a few healthy pointers, still stick to them....

The most common of resolutions is to lose weight or to stop smoking. Start by setting short and long term goals. For example, to lose two pounds a week is a healthy way of shedding the pounds and is achievable. If you are a smoker, reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke till eventually you stop.

Substituting an unhealthy habit with a healthy alternative is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health! Find an activity that you feel is right for you and make every effort to include it into your lifestyle.

Enlist and encourage everyone that you know. Remember, good behaviour affects how we feel. Since most cultures show there love and appreciation with a hearty meal and most households tend to share their woes over a cup of tea, take the opportunity to make it a group effort to eat more healthily by cutting your portion sizes and reducing your caffeine intake.

As well as maintaining a healthy dietary requirements and seeking an active lifestyle, being on the go and being switched on almost all of the time leaves us feeling drained of energy and sleep deprived with very little sleep or respite.

TIP#1- To achieve any health goal, you must want it. Try and sustain your motivation in order to succeed.

TIP#2- Set a target for weight loss, plan for exercise and prepare healthy meals.

TIP#3- It is important to try and get enough hours to feel alert.

TIP#4- Once you’ve decided on which resolutions you wish to continue with, make sure that you keep a daily record of your set goals. Using a tracking system on your progress, enables you to monitor your achievements and keeps you motivated and feeling great.

TIP#5- Build some purely enjoyable activities into your lifestyle! Take advantage of the weather this summer and fall, and visit some places even locally that are of interest to you

>May 2016

Habitual well-being in the Workplace

More and more of us are working up to 8 hours + , 5 to 6 days a week. These long hours are having a huge impact on our health including our eating and fitness habits.

Stuck in the Office - If your job is office based? You may feel chained to your desk with limited breaks (you may have often wished you were a smoker, just to get an opportunity to take 5!!) Many of us are so under pressure to meet deadlines that we are regularly eating our lunch at our desk, with little time to hydrate and/or re charge.

Taking a break helps to exercise the mind and the body, having an energy boost can increase productivity. Most of sat at a desk all day long will be the first to admit that it’s easier to reach for high-fat and high-sugar foods.
Research shows that eating a healthy lunch will keep that mid-afternoon slump at bay and sustain enough energy to continue.

Are your fellow colleagues helping or thwarting your health goals?

Many work habits are shared amongst office members (the ‘secret stash of sweets), it only takes one person to introduce an alternative (healthy) habit.

On the Night Shift - Being sleep deprived has been confirmed to be directly linked to our eating habits. It is perfectly understandable to reach for high-fat and high-sugar foods in the wee early hours when your body is very much in need of sleep, yet you still have another 6 hours on the clock to go.

Working shifts completely throws the body clock out of sync. Workers are often left with limited options and often fall into the pit of undesirable “bad habits”, chocolate bars from vending machines, eating microwave meals and a endless supply of coffee are usually the norm.

  • Sleep is crucial, regardless of what time it is. Ensure that your day-time commitments leave you enough time to get the rest. Try to regulate your meals to allow your body to adjust. If you know food that you end up eating is unhealthy, make sure you come prepared with nutritious snacks and well balanced meals.

Home Based - Working from home can habitually mean easy access to the kitchen with regular visits, leading to regular snacking and an expanding waistline! Similar to office workers, getting regular exercise is difficult. Home workers should try and plan breaks; this will enhance productivity and will get your work finished at a reasonable time.

  • Make the most of working from home, try and maximise your activity. Working from home can give you the opportunity to plan your day and allow you the time to implement daily physical exercise into your working day without delay. 

>April 2016

Look and feel amazing....!

STEP 1: Fruit and vegetables are a always a good resource

of Vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C

and potassium, and are an essential part of healthy eating.

Our recommended daily intake of five portions a day can be put together quickly and easily, by simply blending your favourite veg and fruit and blitz away to a more healthier lifestyle .

LifeStyle Value: Packed with energy, stay in control of your health and well being.

STEP 2:Look after your body from top-to-toe by making skincare one of your top priorities. Take a long soak and exfoliate your way to smoother and brighter skin.

LifeStyle Value: Cleanliness is next to godliness!

STEP 3: Feed your soul and book into a spa and treat your mind and body to a well earned pamper break. Services on offer often include massage , swimming pool, steam room, a fitness studio and a range of specialised holistic therapies.

LifeStyle Value: A re-charged you....

STEP 4:Banish wrinkles and fine lines and ensure you look as wonderful as you feel. Choosing the right skin products and treatments will give your skin a boost. Make sure the products are free from perfumes, comedogenic and parabens.

LifeStyle Value: bringing dull skin back to life.

STEP 5: Exercising yourself to better future is so important, get out there and walk, run and/or cycle yourself back to better health.Drinking more water is also another step in helping your body detox and can actually help kick-start your metabolism and help you maintain a healthy immune system.

LifeStyle Value: A lighter and fitter you!

> March 2016

Time to get out...!

I’m often reminded of the Morecombe and Wise breakfast sketch that still makes me smile to this day.

We all, can narrate and tell our stories of the countless partners who were not quite right for us.

Despite all the red flags and warnings we have had...we somehow are always reluctant to leave!

Unfortunately, it is all too common to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

So, why do we continue to stay in a relationship that brings us nothing but sadness?

When contemplating whether to leave a relationship or not, fear often engulfs us. The questions we ask ourselves are often full of common fears and include feeling alone, being single and not able to find a life partner who is able to love us unconditionally.

A toxic relationship is detrimental to our health, we are often left feeling sad, lonely and isolated. These thoughts and feelings create terrible anxiety, which makes it even trickier to leave.

We all feel obligated and sometimes trapped in relationships. Most of us find that we are unable to leave due to our children and finances. Unhealthy relationships require a great deal of strength. By doing so can give you the vigour and fortitude of taking control towards a better future.

Here are a few signs of a poisonous relationship.

  • Do you feel like you are constantly being belittled?
  • Do you feel fearful of knowing your truth?
  • Do you avoid conflict and interaction with your partner?
  • Does your partner try to intimidate, control, threaten and manipulate you?

Ending a relationship is always heartbreaking and can be overwhelming; it is only natural that it takes time to heal. By being honest with yourself, it can empower you to seek a relationship that is much more fulfilling?

  • Start to believe in your own self –worth, be confident in what you deserve and hopeful that you can achieve it.
  • Allow yourself the time to heal and grieve, remember that you are taking a leap of faith to a much brighter future.

> February 2016

Fight or Flight ......

We all want to love completely in our lives, yet we somehow sabotage or hinder our desire to move forward.

Often wondered why we react in a way that shuts us down ?

The limbic system is responsible for the fight or flight reaction, and when this is full of zip it’s almost not possible to allow ourselves to lighten up and feel calm.

The flight or fight response, also called the "acute stress response", is a state, which is associated with particular physiological actions triggered by the nervous system.

The release of adrenaline assists with immediate physical reactions by increasing one’s heart rate and taking short but quick gasps of air therefore constricting blood vessels and tightening muscles. An abundance of hormones, facilitates spontaneous behaviours often related to our inner conflict.

So what can we do about it?

The good news is that our brain can be altered and programmed through various practices. People who meditate regularly and those who take time out to relax have more control and are able to cope better in situations that can be potentially harmful.

Try the following tips:

  • Stay alert and focus- Remind yourself of your whereabouts, it’s often reported that our brain convinces us into thinking we are unsafe. However, It is essential that we remove ourselves if this is the use your instincts to determine what is best for your well being.
  • Use the earth as a Circuit - Ground yourself. Focus your attention on the energy, visualise the pathway through your body and back to the ground, this helps to soothe and calm your nerves.
  • Focus on your breathing, inhaling deeply and releasing slowly, to calm the nerves.
  • Name people or objects in a room which catch your attention.
  • Remind yourself of the first book you read, your nursery school teacher or the annoying chap in the office next door, the leaky tap that needs fixing? This brings us into the present and away from fearful imaginings.

These techniques are proven to help reduce anxiety, and when we keep calm, we react much better.

So what happens when we face relationship conflicts/dilemmas?

All relationships have their struggles. Conflicts are a part of our DNA in life and how we handle our differences is often a sign of the health and well being of the relationship we are in.

We all know that Conflict can trigger many fears and engulf our attitudes towards others. Relationship fears are often deep routed and can include rejection and getting hurt. When fear is present, many people go into the “fight or flight ” stress response.

When we are in this state, We often attack and blame each other by fuelling and igniting the flames by trying to defend our behaviour and actions.

It is all too common, that one or the other and sometimes both can shut down and withdraw and often without resolution.

For some disengaging can mean that we learn to manage our feelings by fully acknowledging our feelings with compassion for our self and our loved one. Being able to reflect and re- approach one’s concerns, ables you to fully surmise without conditions. Understanding this will help you both to heal.

Happy New Year!

Mamuna Arshad